CVCF Workshops
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The Canadian Voice Care Foundation was founded in 1989, with the support and encouragement of the late Dr. Wilbur James Gould (of The Voice Care Foundation).

The Canadian Voice Care Foundation (CVCF) was incorporated as the only national organization specializing in public information and education regarding prevention, diagnosis and treatment of disorders of the human voice.

The task of the CVCF is to act as a multi-disciplinary, non-profit organization, working to further develop and improve communication between scientists and non-scientists and the creators and users of voice technology.

The CVCF has access to a worldwide network of voice care professionals and provides an international voice care referral service.

The project with the most far-reaching effect is the presentation of the Care of the Professional and Occupational Voice Symposium.

This symposium provides a forum for international and interdisciplinary voice care education and attracts experts and participants on the leading edge of vocal research and education.

Supporters of the CVCF, such as Celine Dion, Julio Iglesias, Jerry Seinfeld, and the late Luciano Pavarotti, have been instrumental in raising funds to assist in the cost of hosting the symposium.

CVCF also distributes a biannual newsletter entitled Voice Talk, providing vocal tips and news about voice treatment innovation.





From the first babbles of the infant to the final sigh, the human voice is mankind’s predominant tool of communication.

Humans use their voice to express their thoughts, emotions, creativity, plans, expectations and social commentary.

The demands on the human voice have increased as society has moved towards a service-based economy.

Despite the important role of the voice in human history the development, protection and care of the voice has been largely ignored.