CVCF Workshops
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The Centre for Performance Research

Established in 1988, by Richard Gough and Judie Christie, the Centre for Performance Research is a theatre organization based in Wales and working internationally. It produces: innovative performance work; arranges workshops, conferences, lectures and master classes; collaborates and exchanges with theatre companies of international significance; publishes and distributes theatre books and runs a multi-cultural performance resource centre. CPR has been responsible for bringing many international performance artists to the attention of Welsh and UK audiences and enabling creative exchange between these artists and companies based in Wales and the UK.

Pacific Voice Clinic

The Pacific Voice Clinic and the Provincial Voice Care Resource Program (PVCrp) have been established by Dr. Murray Morrison, laryngologist, and Dr. Linda Rammage, speech-language pathologist, in affiliation with a number of public agencies, to serve the needs of British Columbians affected by voice disorders, and to provide an educational resource for professional practitioners involved in voice care.

Pacific Voice Speech Foundation

The Pacific Voice and Speech Foundation is a non-profit organization promoting knowledge and care of the human voice. The purpose of this conference is to discuss production/perception of emotions contained in the human voice and technological applications.

The Performing Arts Medicine Association

The Performing Arts Medicine Association (PAMA) is a non-profit professional organization for physicians and other professional persons who are involved in treatment and/or research in the field of Performing Arts Medicine. Organized in 1989, the association is dedicated to improving health care of performing artists.

The Voice Foundation

The Voice Foundation is the world's leading organization dedicated to solving voice problems. Its efforts in funding research, promoting public education and raising the professional level of voice care directly benefit you.

Established in 1969, the Foundation seeks to protect and enhance the gift of vocal communication through: Research to advance the diagnosis and treatment of vocal problems, including improved non-surgical and surgical techniques: Sponsoring national and international symposia and seminars; Publishing and distributing professional and scientific publications and video cassettes; Awarding research grants and fellowships; Disseminating information through the media. The goal of The Voice Foundation is to understand the voice and improve its quality and care. Understanding is achieved by funding research to learn more about the function of the voice, and to spread this knowledge worldwide.