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A Self-Improvement Guide

Book in brief: This new self-help guide was developed to provide basic information to lay-persons about vocal physiology; vocal health; and vocal “personality”; as well as a step-by-step program to optimize voice production. It can be used in conjunction with a structured voice therapy program, or for home study. Based on our current understanding of vocal physiology, the physical program includes detailed descriptions and original cartoons demonstrating exercises to: improve posture; increase relaxation and flexibility of articulators; coordinate speech breathing and phonation; enhance resonance effects; use meaningful intonation; and improve phrasing patterns. In the appendix, the program is summarized in ten removable wall posters that can be used in group therapy programs or home practice. It is ideal for instructors, clerks, public relations personnel, and other individuals who rely on their voices to conduct their daily work routines, or who need basic information for vocal performance

By: Linda Rammage, PhD
Illustrations by: Michiel Haijtink
Length: 115 pages
Illustrations: 90 cartoons
Cost: $40.00 plus shipping.


The Art of Breathing

"Breathing is our most important act - we do it every moment of our lives, some 20,000 times each day. Breathing incorrectly can produce tension, exhaustion and vocal strain, and can interfere with athletic activity and encourage aches and illnesses. Breathing correctly, however, nourishes every fiber of our body and soul. Breathe correctly and you can melt away tension and stress, improve energy or simply relax and unwind.

Breath your way to better Performance, Health & Well-Being!

By: Nancy Zi
Cost: $65.00 for the video and book set plus shipping.


Steam Inhaler

This personal steam inhaler is small, light and effective and can be ordered through the Canadian Voice Care Foundation (CVCF) for $46.00 plus shipping.

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